If you can dream it
Then it can be done

I meant in exo k and exo m. Like different ppeople :3 and I'm sorry for the typing mistake I wanted to say I LOVE going out and meeting new people :3 sorry for the misunderstandings :3 -Anon with the nerd glasses

OH IM SORRY. WELL I STILL ship you with Tao in exo m….

BUT in EXO K I see you with Sehun. I can see you guys having lots of adventurous dates. But not because they are wild and adventurous, because because you guys would make them exciting. Yehet~

Annyeonghaseyo♥ Can I maybe be shipped with EXO (K+M) and Big Bang?♥ I'm 5'6", have really long aubergine-coloured hair, with white highlights. I have big black glasses (nerd optic?) and I'm considered a bit crazy, though in a good way. I don't love going out and meeting people, though I do get annoyed, when there is a big mob of people and I'm inside. I'm a big baby, when it comes to haunted houses, but still love them (same with horror movies). I speak English, Turkish and German. Thank you<3


In EXO I ship you with……Tao! Tao doesn’t seem like much of a party no a big crowd person neither. But I feel like he would get just as annoyed as you if there was a big crowd and he was inside. But I can you two solving your problem by having a nice in-home date watch movies. I also can imagine you helping Tao on his English and also teaching his Turkish and German since he said he would love to learn more languages.


In Big Bang, I ship you with….DaeSung! Who doesn’t love crazy ol’ DaeSung. You two would be the craziest couple out there. Living up the parties with your big voices. I can also see DaeSung wanting to show off his manly side and take you to a haunted house but it ending up with you both running out screaming but  laughing about the next moment. (:

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Hey sweety♥ Could you ship me with B.A.P, BTS and Block B? I'm 167 cm, I have long dark brown hair, with caramel coloured highlights. I have really dark brown eyes and am a really outgoing person. I love meeting new peopl and learning new stuff, and love kids and animals. I' mone to always standup for others, even if I'll get in trouble for it myself. Though on the outside I'm really nice. I seem pretty tough from the outside. My fashion sense changes between casual and kind of hip hop. Thanks♥♥

Well hello (:

In BAP, I would ship you with….Jongup! I can visualize you two sooo well, you two would be extremely cute together. I feel that your outgoing and tough self will bring him out of his shy shell. 

In BTS I would ship you with….Suga! Suga is a very caring and mature guy and I feel you two would be a wonderful power couple. Also I can you see you two shopping for clothes together since you both have the same style. Ah~

In Block B I would ship you with…Taeil! And not just because you two are the same hieght. It’s because he is a sneaky little troublemaker and likes to have fun at any cost. I see you two having wild and crazy dates.

GAH! I hope this one is okay. 

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thank you for shipping me :)

You’re verrrrrry welcome. 

Please ship me with EXO-K & EXO-M. I have long black hair, dark brown eyes & I wear glasses, I'm very skinny & I have a big butt. I'm a Gemini & 5'4. I'm openminded, outspoken, honest & opinionated but shy when it comes to romance & showing my body. I never dated. I care about my family & friends & making people laugh. I'm a art student, I love drawing & writing. I'm a happy workaholic, a loner, a tomboy, I love dancing, karaoke, videogames, eating junkfood, football, basketball & cats! Thanks


From EXO-K I could see you with Chanyeol! I feel that in your relationship is will be like you guys are best friends. I can see you guys laughing and joking around playing basketball together. I can also see you two just having a great time in each other’s company. 

From EXO-M I can see you with Lay! Lay seems to be the type one a girl who isn’t all that experienced or open in a relationship, so I could see you two working out just fine. You being an art student would also spark the creativity in his life as well. Maybe you can be his muse for songs. 

Hope this is want you wanted! (:

Do you do shipping? If so, what groups do you ship?

Yes I do. (:
I can try any group but if you need some examples like…B.A.P., EXO, VIXX, SHINee, BTS, Block B, GOT7 just to name a few.

I would like to first apologize to tadahitsbapyessir, because i left for like a year with the promise of a couple of B.A.P scenarios. I am soooo sorry. I can still do those for you if you’d like…

also the blog is going to get a bit of a makeover



Oh ok, well GOOD LUCK ON YOUR FINALS!!!!!!! 😄😄😄😄😄😄😄